The convention is organized to instigate the sustainable growth for the North India entertainment industry in a comprehensive and multi-level framework. It will focus on elaborating an analytic outline that challenges entertainment industry to open the opportunities for region and international players of the entertainment industry. The panels are planned with a definitive focus to emphasize operability by delving into grounded practices to infuse a home-grown ethos of internationalization across all common institutional spaces.


Meet Our Speakers

Eminent speakers from the national and regional entertainment industry to express their seriousness in leading the regional entertainment media & entertainment industry to further progress with flying-colours.

Prahlad Kakkar
PKSBE, Founder and Chairman
Ashish S.K.
Chairman, FICCI-NICE committee, Founder of PUNNARYUG Art vision Pvt. Ltd
Amit Behl
Sr. Joint Secretary,
Cine & Tv Artistes
Mohit Soni
Moderator, FICCI-NICE Committee, COO, Media and Entertainment Skills Council
Stephen Mascarenhas
Sr. Vice President – Operations, 3D Stereo, Prime Focus World (India)
Kiran Joneja Sippy
Managing Director Ramesh Sippy
Academy of Cinema &
Pratish R Nair
PKSBE, Co-founder and Director
Deepak Batra
FICCI-NICE committee-Member, Policy Advisor
to Government of
Prashant Bhojwani
Director, Deloitte India
Ashesh Jani
Partner, Deloitte India
Prashanth Rao
Partner, Deloitte India

FICCI-North India Convention on Entertainment (NICE)

  • 19th September
    Day 1
  • Pre-Lunch
  • Post-Lunch
09:00 – 09:35 am
09:36-10:36 am Chief Guest
Inaugural Session and Inaugural Address
10:37 - 11:36 am Chief Guest
Panel – 1 Creative Content Events & Entertainment Policy
11:36 – 12:18 am Chief Guest
Panel-2 Trending Entertainment Technology and Innovation
12:19 – 12:45 pm
Tea Break
12:45 – 13:25 am. Chief Guest
Panel-3 Media & Entertainment Skilling Challenge.
13:25 – 14:29 pm
Lunch Break
14:30 - 15:10 pm Chief Guest
Panel- 4 Sports & Media & Entertainment
15:11 – 16:10 pm Chief Guest
Panel – 5 Creative Media & Entertainment Entrepreneurship
16:11 - 17:10 pm Chief Guest
Panel – 6 Enabling Film Tourism
17:11 onwards
High Tea
Exhibition Plan


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  • team-1
    Ashish S.K.

    Committy Chairman - FICCI-NICE

    Entertainment Industry is not only about entertainment, it is about serving the community and this issue is rightly addressed by FICCI North India Convention on Entertainment (NICE) through the intellectual NICE initiative.

  • testimonial-1
    Mr. Prahlad Kakkar

    PKSBE, Founder and Chairman

    FICCI-NICE is a forum for the meeting of young entrepreneurs with great minds and ideas waiting to take off

  • testimonial-1
    Mohit Soni

    Moderator - FICCI-NICE, COO Media & Entertainment Skills Council

    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Come Join us and support FICCI-NICE to re-model the world by skilling and empowering the youth. Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat.

  • testimonial-1
    Stephen Mascarenhas

    Sr. Vice President - Operations - Stereo Conversion, India Prime Focus World

    The Entertainment Industry is very dynamic in nature and full of endless opportunities across the globe, these opportunities need to be recognised, explored and directed to its potential. My best wishes to FICCI North India Convention on Entertainment and I congratulate FICCI for taking this initiative forward through NICE.

  • testimonial-1
    Munesh Sahni

    Managing Director, OM JEE Production

    Remarkable effort of FICCI- NICE towards regional cinema, Exhibition sectors is enjoying FICCI-NICE numbers.

  • testimonial-1
    Kiran Joneja

    Managing Director Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema & Entertainment

    Knowing is not enough, skill is essential to reach out to new heights lets join hands with FICCI-NICE and turn the dream into reality to take.

  • testimonial-1
    Deepak Batra

    FICCI-NICE committee-Member, Policy Advisor to Government of Haryana.

    The Entertainment Industry is one of the most powerful entity in the world, which needs to be directed towards new heights, thanks to FICCI North India Convention on Entertainment for the initiative called NICE.

  • testimonial-1
    Alice Gurum

    Media Interventionist

    Regional media & entertainment seriously needs a makeover welcome and all the very best to FICCI-NICE

  • testimonial-1
    Amarjot S. Bhasin

    Managing Director, Blue Tomatos

    Media & Entertainment is the best way to bring changes in the society so Media & Entertainment replace nothing rather add value to everything, especially to the tourism and we welcome NICE initiative.

  • testimonial-1
    Jaivi Dhanda


    NICE is a niche initiative supporting the Voice and message from Punjabi regional cinema and thanks for making it louder and clearer than anything else in this world.

  • testimonial-1
    Rajeev Sharma

    Eminent Art Movie Director

    I want to wish FICCI- NICE all the very best towards the process of educating the Pollywood towards entertaining people and sensitize them as well as directing it for a better society.

  • testimonial-1
    Pratish R Nair

    PKSBE, Co-founder and Director

    In a country like India where Media & Entertainment Industry is ever demanding. Hats off to FICCI-NICE for keeping it novel, relevant & connected.

  • testimonial-1
    Sonam Bajwa


    It is one of the best initiatives by FICCI to strengthen the Movie Industry in the north India. Media & Entertainment is an effective tool that connects to the world it is an impressive tool that needs an exploration. So lets join hands together with FICCI-NICE to unleash of to new height.


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